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Advanced Trauma Life Support


Sponsored by the OCE and the UMMS Department of Surgery, and meeting the standards of the American College of Surgeons, the ATLS course is designed to train physicians who are in a position to provide the first hours of emergency care to trauma victims.

To take an ATLS course at Harbor-UCLA, please contact Kristen, Linda, Danica, or Angelica at:

Advanced Trauma Care for Nurses


Advanced Trauma Care for Nurses (ATCN) is an advanced course designed for the registered nurse interested in increasing his/her knowledge in management of the multiple trauma patients. The ATCN course is taught concurrently with ATLS.

To take an ATCN course at Harbor-UCLA, please contact Robin, Patrice, or Susan at (424) 306-5300.

Stop the Bleed

Stop the Bleed 979x448.png

Harbor-UCLA has joined the American College of Surgeons national campaign to make our nation more resilient by preparing the residents of Los Angeles County to save lives if someone nearby is severely bleeding.

This FREE 1 to 2-hour training course teaches basic life-saving medical interventions, including a brief Active Shooter preparedness presentation and methods to control severe bleeding. This course is taught by experienced physicians and nurses.

Who Should be Trained?

Severe bleeding injuries can kill within minutes, potentially before trained responders can arrive.

Bystanders can become by-doers with the basic tools, information, and skills taught in this course.

Who Can Take This Course?

Learning to control bleeding is a valuable skill that anyone can apply to save lives, just like CPR. These skills are important for law enforcement, firefighters, security personnel, emergency coordinators, teachers and students. In addition, we recommend that all workplaces, schools, and churches have multiple employees/members trained in bleeding control.

For more information, or to set up a training program for your company, school, or organization by reaching out to Kristen Kraus, RN at You may also visit

A.S.S.E.T Course

(Advanced Surgical Skills for Exposure in Trauma)

ASSET 979x448.png

In partnership with UCLA School of Medicine, the ASSET course is offered at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center.
The course provides an overview of key surgical exposures in five key anatomic areas: neck, chest, abdomen and pelvis, and upper and lower extremities. 

For more information, please visit:

B.E.S.T. Course

(Basic Endovascular Skills for Trauma)

BEST 979x448.png

In Basic Endovascular Skills for Trauma (BEST), participants learn endovascular techniques such as arterial access and resuscitative endovascular balloon occlusion of the aorta to temporize life-threatening hemorrhage. There is a simulator-based workshop, as well as a course that offers more hands-on training with perfused cadavers including ultrasound-guided common femoral arterial (CFA) access, percutaneous and open cannulation of the CFA, and CFA repair.

To take a BEST course at Harbor-UCLA, please contact the Trauma Office at 424-306-5300.


(Hospital Emergency Response Team)

HERT v2 979x448.png

Hospital Emergency Response Teams are comprised of multi disciplines and specialties that activate and respond during emergencies. They are often the primary hospital defense and preliminary medical care provider for patients arriving from an MCI prior to entry into and through the ED.

The HERT team is always comprised of at least:

1. One trauma surgeon

2. One trauma nurse

3. One emergency medicine physician

Overview Hospital Emergency Response Training for Mass Casualty Incidents (HERT) is a three-day course designed to provide medical operation guidance to hospitals, emergency medical services (EMS), healthcare facility personnel, and others who may become involved in a mass casualty incident (MCI).

To take a HERT course, please contact Robin Tyler at (424) 306-5300.

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